Many of my paintings found throughout this site are available as giclee prints. Giclee prints are the finest quality, unique or short-run prints available in today’s art world. The printer uses archival inks and images may be printed on watercolor paper, canvas, and many other substrates. These highly durable prints combine beautiful fidelity to the original with reasonable cost to the serious collector.

The name “giclee” in French means “sprayed” or “jetted,” and describes how the color is placed on the archival paper or canvas. They are signed by the artist and available framed or unframed, in mats or wrapped on canvas frames in various sizes.

Prices of giclee prints on archival watercolor paper (in mats, with backs, ready to frame) range from 8″ X 10″ (11″ X 14″ mat), $65, to 12″ X 16″ (16″ X 20″ mat), $85, to 16″ X 20″ (20″ X 24″ mat), $125. Many other sizes available on request.

Giclee prints may also be done on flat canvas, or on wrapped canvas (on a wood frame) in several depths, framed or unframed. Please inquire regarding pricing.

Note cards are also available with many Maine and Florida images, $3 each (with envelope) or assortments of 10 or more for $2 each, plus shipping.

A Guide to Sketch Journaling with Watercolor is a 90 page ring bound softcover book, 5.5″ X 8.5″ in full color. It contains full information about journaling: drawing, text and color, materials and resources, suggestions for themes and lessons plus a gallery of pages from my own journals to inspire ideas for your own. $20 each postpaid to US addresses.

6% sales tax is added to all Maine orders. Shipping is done best way depending on your location and amount ordered. Payment may be by check or PayPal.

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